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Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Pre- Paid Cash Card Holder Warned By Jp Morgan For Being Hacked


Headline: Jp Morgan is informing pre-paid card holder by the hackers who have taken small of data from their servers and can hack your account anytime. In-details: Hackers team attacked on the bank server in July and their expert team found the hacker threats in September .After that they resolve the problem and informed the customer about the hackers who ... Read More »

Indian Mar Operation Technical Problem Has Solved Now


Headlines: Indian Space Research Organization is successful to achieve their Mar operation goals by bringing the Satellite into the track again. In –Details: On Tuesday India has Fired six crucial engines around the earth. Engine were successfully flied into the earth orbits 300 days, the main goal is to access the required velocity to overcome the gravitational pull of the ... Read More »

U.S Investigated For Afghan Troops For Killing Civilians

Afghan Troops

Headlines: U.S military investigate to the Afghan troops for their wild act of killing civilians. In-Details: Army of U.S started investigation to know about the criminal acts of the Afghan troops who are killing Afghanistan civilians. This investigation report is presented the U.S and NATO officers for taking strict action for this cruel crime. In this investigation all the criminal ... Read More »

Luton Airport : Snake Found In On Flight Plane

Flight Plane

Headline: Responsible authorities has been questioned for the presence of snake into the flight traveling by the Luton Airport In-details: At the airport of Israel a man was traveling by taking small pet snake however it kept into the container and no one get any harm by this. On the flight passenger bring his small pet snake into the plane ... Read More »

U.S Military & Government System Get Hacked By British Hacker

British Hacker

Headline: A British hacker age of 28 tried to hack the U.S government and Military Computer System, Recently responsible person is get accused In-details: Lauri Love hacker tried to hack the sensitive department of U.S government and military computer system caught in Suffolk. US authorizes told that hacker created “Black Door” to enter into the sensitive date present at their ... Read More »

Alcatel-Lucent Announced To Thrash 10k Jobs


Headline: “Alcatel-Lucent is owner of telecom equipment maker has decided to cut 10k jobs till 2015” In details: In second quarter reporting company recorded the loss so, the chairman has decided to cuts the jobs to save cost. Company has made analyze that due to the cut of 64% employees company will put aside £750M by taking this action. They ... Read More »

Instagram Announced For Offering Ads On US Photo Streams


Headlines: “Instagram Company has allowed to put Ads On Photo Streams to U.S Users Only” In Details: Instagram is a best photo sharing service has recently allowed the users of U.S.A to use Ads on photo streaming to advertise your own online business. Company said “We have big ideas for the future, and part of making them happen is building ... Read More »

Reward Offer: Find Out The Alistair Wilson Murderer

Headlines: Crimestoppers Scotland chairman announced the reward for the person who help them in finding new clue or information about the Alistair Wilson Murderer. In Details: Recently the crimestopper put a charity reward £5000 for providing any information that can lead to find the murderer of Alistair Wilson Officer said in his latest interview when a reporter asks him about ... Read More »

Bill Gate Described CTRL +ALT+ DEL Keystrokes To Avoid Mistake

bil gates

Headline: “Bill Gate discovered ctrl+alt+del and cover the mistake of IBM , favored one keystroke alternatively to this” In Details: In his interview he held responsible IBM for using these three unnecessary keystroke combinations for log on to pc, in first he was favorable for ctrl+alt+esc combination for reboot the operating system later then he found if risky for accidently ... Read More »

Canadian Helicopter Dossed Down , Found In Arctic


 Headline: “In Arctic Water A Canadian Helicopter Found, Crashed Due To Bad Climate, Three Killed by this Disaster” In Details: On 9th of September Canadian Helicopter was flying over the Artic water with icebreaker vessel Amundsen got crashed.The basis of accident has not clear till now. Helicoper was found at water 450m depth by remote controlled Submarine. Recovery Officer stated ... Read More »

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