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Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Can Anyone Pray Himself Thin?­­­


Faith, fitness as well as Annandale, church, Va is combined by Reynolds. His concept along with the book with topic “Bod4God” tend to be based on this idea that the religious faith and physical health and aren’t only compatible, in fact they are part of the plan of God. He said that if one believed that God had made him ... Read More »

Full Moon Does Disturb A Peaceful Sleep At Night


Full Moon could disturb a peaceful night’s sleep, according to scientists. Researchers got evidence of “lunar influence” during study of thirty-three volunteers who were supposed to sleep in strictly controlled conditions of laboratory. When Moon was there, volunteers took more time in nodding off and they had comparatively poorer sleep quality, despite being enclosed in one darkened room, say the ... Read More »

Japan Approves Trial Of Pioneering Stem Cell Of Adult


Japanese government approved the 1st stem cell trial produced from the body of patient. The stem cells could become any of the other body part- nerve or bone or skin – and they’re touted as future of the medicine. The researchers who are in Japan would use these cells for attempt to cure one blindness form, the macular degeneration that ... Read More »

Study: Smoking And Drinking Speeds Up Decline Of Brain By 36


Though lighting up one cigarette and getting some cocktails most of the times go together, now according to latest study, the usual combo might be very dangerous for mental skills of a person. University College London’s researchers found out that combined heavy drinking and smoking was linked with 36% increased decline of brain function. The problem even increases when alcohol ... Read More »

Should Your Dying Loved Person Be Told The Grim Reality?

The Grim Reality

A most difficult decision regarding healthcare which many families have to face is: should the dying loved be told that she or he doesn’t have much time to live? According to experts, for the terminally ill patients, this bitter truth could prove beneficial and assist them to prepare. But for many others, this truth could be devastating. Abigail Van Buren, ... Read More »

Study: 1M Ex-Smokers Resumed The Habit Following 9/11

no smoking

According to a latest study, around 1M ex-smokers in U.S. started to again smoke after Sept.,2001, in one hidden effect of terrorism on health. Research shows that smoking rose 2.3% nationwide after attacks of 9/11. Till 2003’s end the increase continued to be maintained, when researchers’ data analysis finished. Study also depicted particularly high increase of levels of stress after ... Read More »

The Lifetime Achievement Award Given To Mel Brooks By AFI

41st AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mel Brooks - Show

The director of comic film, Mel Brooks, is honored with an award of lifetime achievement from American-Film-Institute. David Lunch and Robert DeNiro were included in those who were in this Hollywood ceremony for paying tribute to Brooks, aged 86 years, who was director of the films The Producers and Young Frankenstein. While he accepted this award from the director, Martin ... Read More »

Wickham: National Service Required To Renew Patriotism


Only gestures and lapel pins aren’t adequate. Spread sacrifice beyond the volunteer army. Story Highlights Even though I’m military veteran, I was scolded at one baseball game on the way I expressed patriotism. But from the draft’s end,  smaller population percentage volunteers for serving.Many take the service just for granted with only simple gestures which should change.While I was standing ... Read More »

Collapse Of Road Bridge By Lorry In Washington, USA


One road bridge is reported to have collapsed in a river in Washington, the north-west state of US, when a big lorry ran into a girder, according to some officials. People and vehicles got thrown in water after some part of highway Interstate 5 crumbles in the evening on Thursday. Officials of the state said that 3 people got rescued ... Read More »

How It Is Possible To Be Married On Shoestring Budget?


Some suggestions by experts to keep the costs of your wedding in check Story Highlights According to an estimate, a wedding’s average cost is as much as $28,400 Spending on the nuptials again increased in 2010, after recession Spending on the wedding does coincide with return of the general confidence of consumer Average cost associated with wedding could be as ... Read More »

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