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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Category Archives: Internet & Tech

Facebook “Like” button will be changed to “Sympathies” Soon

Dan Muriello

Headlines: Facebook is soon changing a button “Like” with “Sympathies” at the your profile status. In-details: Engineers told that is an internal project of their company that they are using “Sympathies” alternate to “Like” button. This emotions will be used with user will used negative feelings at the their status and “Like” button will be changed to “Sympathies”. Later on ... Read More »

Apple Prescribe HMV To Change Digital Strategy For App


Headline: Apply company ask to HMV to eliminate the downloading feature from the new iphone App In-detail: Apply company concerned with HMV App for downloading music feature and ask to remove this feature for the users. HMV owner told that Apple Company has given them a time to change the App strategy till Monday otherwise their App will be suspended. ... Read More »

Grow Light By Click & Grow


The indoor company Click and Grow made announcement of the availability of one latest LED light which could be used with the existing gardens. Along with it was announced a latest cartridge of the plant Sugar Leaf. This new device Grow Light will be available at $49 and as an add-on, that’s optional, to the Smart Flower Pot, light takes ... Read More »

Upper hand Retained By Sony In LA At E3 Expo Of Games


When compared with hollers and whoops from audience at Sony PS4’s launch, reception for Xbox One by Microsoft felt much muted in Los Angeles at E3.      Showing off Xbox One, company did pander to distinct audience, that is, normal families.Unluckily, for Microsoft, the normal families do not have the tendency to watch launches of game consoles, so it only was ... Read More »

According To Google, Government Doesn’t Have Access To The Servers


Strong denial is issued by Google that it permits government of US access to the servers.Internet giant told that government doesn’t have any direct, back door and drop box access.It is claimed UK’s GCHQ secretly gathered the intelligence over Britons for world’s largest companies of internet, MPs are to be reported by GCHQ within days regarding claims that it accessed ... Read More »

Mobile Phones And Software’s Export To Iran Approved By US

IRAN Software

Sale of the mobile phones has been authorized by the departments of Treasury and the State Department along with other devices for communication, services and software to Iranians while lifting some restrictions that were intended to have the Iranian people empowered as the efforts by their government are intensified to stifle Iranians access to the information. Shift marks tat first ... Read More »

Split Of Media Regarding Attending Meetings Held By Holder


The leading media members appear to be split over either they should be attending briefings with the Attorney General Eric Holder that would be off-the-record in order to discuss about reporters’ surveillance by Justice Department. Holder, who did agree to conduct review of the guidelines by DOJ regarding investigations which involve the journalists, had tried to set the meetings up ... Read More »

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