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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Category Archives: Health

Fast Food Is Actual Reason Behind Asthma & Eczema From Childhood


Headline: From the latest medical research results comes that childhood asthma and eczema is a result of fast food. These diseases are spreading rapidly in the children, which is very alarming. In-Details: Medical research team visit to almost 50 countries to collect the data to find out the reason behind these diseases. They collected very shocking facts after researching about ... Read More »

France: Rabies Issues Are Arises After The Death Of Kitten


Headlines: In France the danger of rabies disease again arises with the death of kittens In-details: It is reported that rabies was eliminated from the France years ago but authorities of this country has faced the case of it again after the death of the kitten. In Argenteuil three day ago a die kitten was found, this dead body was ... Read More »

Daily Dose Aspirin Extremely Grievous For Your Health Concerns

Daily Dose Aspirin

Headline: Too much use of Aspirin can cause severe affect on your health and can be the reason of Cancer and Heart Attack In- Details: According the health research laboratories daily aspirin therapy is reason behind the increasing number of cases for heart attack and cancer diseases. NHS Researcher found the risk more than its benefits; they told that It ... Read More »

Mid-Life Anxiety Leads Towards Disease Of ‘Dementia’


As per the researcher study, it is found that there is 100 percent risk of dementia in woman due to high depression and anxiety in usual mid-life. In the research of 800 different woman in the area of Sweden, it was found that those woman who have gone through the process of continuous mourning and melancholy, they usually fall in ... Read More »

Colorado cantaloupe Owners Charged To Sell Food Poisoning Outbreak


Headline: Colorado cantaloupe Farm owners charged $1.5m Fine for providing Food Poisoning Outbreak, which cause sudden death of 33 persons and feeble condition of 147 people. In Details: Eric and Ryan a farm owners blamed to sell melon with adequately wash of the melons which can terrible accidents in users. By eating those melons 33 people killed due to the ... Read More »

Implant of ‘Brain window’ devised


One “window to brain” implant that would allow the doctors to just see through skull and treat patients possibly is devised by the US researchers.This uses one version that’s see-through of same material which is used for the hip implants.Team of University of California, Riverside, said it can allow the lasers to get fired into brain for treating the neurological ... Read More »

Breakthrough Surgery Skin Cancer Preserves Skin, Saves Lives

Saves Lives

Dr. Justin Piasecki, pioneering expert of skin-care as well as plastic surgeon got named “Most Beautiful Doctor in America” by TV show “The Doctors”. In these days, Dr Justin is spreading word regarding staying safe from the skin cancer as well as surgical way of skin-preserving for treating it. The skin cancer starts from the accumulative exposure of sun for ... Read More »

Campbell Soup Is Used For Sodium Label That’s Heart-Healthy

Campbell Soup

One lawsuit which is seeking the status of class-action says that American Heart Association does let Campbell Soup to use its certification of “Heart-Check” in an exchange for the fees, even at the time the products of company do not meet group’s nutritional recommendations. Suit centers over some healthy sodium amount. At its website, American Heart Association does say that ... Read More »

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