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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Category Archives: Business & Finance

Samsung Charged To Pay “$290M” To Apply For Copying The Phone

court orders

Headlines: Samsung Company has charged to pay fine for $290 million to the Apple Company for steeling the Iphone and Ipad feature in their phones. In-Details: On the investigation the California jury founded the 13 phone features in Samsung phone copied by the Apple Phones. After the court order jury announced the fine chargers for the Samsung to pay for ... Read More »

Freelancer.com Rapidly Increase Its Share In Australian Market


Headlines: After Social networking site Twitter share soar Freelancer.com has also announced the increase in its share at Australian Market In-details: Freelancer.com was offering $0.50 shares at Australian market and suddenly they raised it up-to $2.50. Company has more than 9 million users and they are providing the freelancer project for the small business throughout the world. Due to increase ... Read More »

ECB Made New Record To Cut Down Benchmark Rate To 0.5%


Headline: European Commercial Bank has announced to bring down its benchmark from 0.5% to 0.25%. In-details: In the Business world annalist become astonished by getting to know the down rates of the benchmark of ECB. As in Eurozone inflation decreased to 0.7% in October due to fall in energy cost with highly effect on the Europe economy. Due to the ... Read More »

Google Shares Touched The Peak With $1,000


Headline First time Google shares increased by $1,000, company reported that their shares jumped for 13.8% with strong earning. In-Details: Company has noticed on Friday that their shares topped with $1,000 first time in their business history. During July to September their net profit was $2.97BN and currently it jumps to the 36% higher. Google is most successful company in ... Read More »

China Orders For A320 Aircraft To Airbus


Headline: “Two Chinese Airline has approached Airbus to fulfill their aircraft needs, they order for A320 & Forty Three Aircrafts recently” In Details: In Business world this new is most popular that Qingdao Airlines , Chinese company has ordered for 23 aircraft and A320 itself five order and A320neo. On the other side “Zhejiang Loong Airlines” has secured its 20 ... Read More »

Air France: Reducing workforce To Cut The Cost

Passengers check-in at Air France counter at the Nice International airport

Currently it is recorded that Air France has announced to shorten their workforce due to economical pressure. This is famous international Air Company providing their air traveling services to world wide customers. Now as whole world Is facing economical crisis due to inflation, this affects major companies a lot. Now companies are planning to overcome this situation. Air France was ... Read More »

Manufacturing Activity Of China At Sixteen-Month High


Manufacturing activity of China picked speed during August, hitting the sixteen-month high and allaying some of the fears of sharp slowdown within its economy. Official Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) did rise from 50.3 to 51 during July.PMI is key gauge when it comes to the health of sector and reading above fifty shows an expansion. World’s 2nd-largest economy, China, has ... Read More »

Fundraising PAC By Obama Uses The Columbine For Raising Money

Raising Money

This Tuesday, Organizing for Action, grassroots organization which is successor of the campaign of re-election by Obama in 2012, sent out one email invoking 1999 shooting on Columbine High School, as written by father of one boy who had lost life in this tragedy. The email, written by Tom Mauser from Colo., begins this way, “My son, Daniel, was a ... Read More »

Dow Falls By 225 Points Over The Slower Sales’ Warnings


Warnings of the weaker sales that’s from 2 major companies as well as concern that Federal Reserve can ease off the support for economy sent stock market going quite lower Thursday. Prior to trading, estimates by Wal-Mart were cut for its profit and annual revenue, warning that the cautious shoppers happened to be spending less. This news followed one revenue ... Read More »

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