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Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Samsung Company Planned To Give You Curved Display

Curved Display

Headline: Samsung company is trying to provide the curve display for your Smartphone In-details: Samsung Company is known as the best electronics product manufacturer company and giving tough time to their competitors by launching advance technology items. In Smartphone technology winning race every day companies are making this competition tough day by day by introducing something new and wonderful. Samsung ... Read More »

Leave To Join : Stephen Elop Ex Nokia CEO Paid $25 Million


Headline: “Ex CEO Nokia joined Microsoft by paying off $25 Million to the company, become disappointed for who are not in its favor” In Details: Nokia has recently signed the contract with Microsoft for selling cell phones to this company, worth of £5.4 Billion and the specified the condition that Stephen Elop move to them. This was the root of ... Read More »

Apple Introduced Fingerprint Technology, Raised Security Risk


“Apply Launch iphone 5S with fingerprint recognition Features, which raise the Privacy question in Technology Market.” Apple has introduced fingerprint features to tighten the security risks, but Senator Al Franken demand some answers form Apple boss “Tim Cook” for some security concern questions. He typed a Letter to the company containing some featured question about the “Touch Id” and asked ... Read More »

Committee Formed By Blackberry For Exploring Possible Sale


Maker of smartphone Blackberry happens to be exploring the options regarding its business that could see company as being sold off. One board member of Blackberry, Timothy Dattels, would head one new committee which will consider the different models of business, including partnerships. The sales of model Blackberry 10 are hoped to be high by Blackberry, seen crucial for future ... Read More »

JVC Unveils The Flagship SL Blacksapphire Series


Though it is mostly famous for the camcorders, JVC did make a comeback during 2011 with completely latest range of the televisions with help of Amtran, the Taiwanese company. Its latest series of SL does look very update with slimline look, ultra thin bezels, as well as unique stand of half-pipe. Apart from stand, the other unusual thing happens to ... Read More »

No Signal Of Turnaround Of Blackberry In Terms Of Results As The Shares Fall 28%


The total market value of BlackBerry plunged by about 1/4th on Friday when the maker of smartphone reported discouraging quarterly results, thereby prompting deep skepticism regarding the turnaround that was long-promised. BlackBerry struggled before to get back the share in market from likes of iPhone, Galaxy phones along with other devices by Android system, powered by Google. It has now ... Read More »

Honda Recalled 80,000 Models Of Odysseys And Pilots In A Month


Due to the large accidents occurring and the problems in Honda vehicles, company has decided to recall their models of Odyssey and Pilot. They are doing this for the second time in one month. They consider these two models as the more unsecure and not safer ones. They cannot provide protection to people in any kind of accident. The air ... Read More »

The Boeing Wrongs – Outsourced With Insourcing Expectations

Boeing 787

The Outsourced Boeing is still being expected to get Insourced but the main problem is that these two business terminologies can be jotted down on a paper together only when their difference is being explained otherwise they hardly follow each other in reality. It is pretty impossible that once outsourced becomes the insourced. On the other hand it requires a ... Read More »

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