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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: December 2013

Boris Becker Appointed As Head Coach By Novak Djokovic

Boris Becker

Headlines: Six major title winner Boris Becker is now head coach with Novak Djokovic In-details: On 13 January Australian Open Championship is going to start and before it Boris Becker will practice as head coach with Novak Djokovic. Becker is six major titles winner and long time coach will join Novak his team. On joining the team Becker shared his ... Read More »

Facebook “Like” button will be changed to “Sympathies” Soon

Dan Muriello

Headlines: Facebook is soon changing a button “Like” with “Sympathies” at the your profile status. In-details: Engineers told that is an internal project of their company that they are using “Sympathies” alternate to “Like” button. This emotions will be used with user will used negative feelings at the their status and “Like” button will be changed to “Sympathies”. Later on ... Read More »

Pre- Paid Cash Card Holder Warned By Jp Morgan For Being Hacked


Headline: Jp Morgan is informing pre-paid card holder by the hackers who have taken small of data from their servers and can hack your account anytime. In-details: Hackers team attacked on the bank server in July and their expert team found the hacker threats in September .After that they resolve the problem and informed the customer about the hackers who ... Read More »

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