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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Samsung Charged To Pay “$290M” To Apply For Copying The Phone

court orders

Headlines: Samsung Company has charged to pay fine for $290 million to the Apple Company for steeling the Iphone and Ipad feature in their phones. In-Details: On the investigation the California jury founded the 13 phone features in Samsung phone copied by the Apple Phones. After the court order jury announced the fine chargers for the Samsung to pay for ... Read More »

Fast Food Is Actual Reason Behind Asthma & Eczema From Childhood


Headline: From the latest medical research results comes that childhood asthma and eczema is a result of fast food. These diseases are spreading rapidly in the children, which is very alarming. In-Details: Medical research team visit to almost 50 countries to collect the data to find out the reason behind these diseases. They collected very shocking facts after researching about ... Read More »

Australian Six Player Suspended For Drinking


Headlines: Six Player are banned for drinking before Ireland and they warned nine players for this act. In-Details: On Saturday in mid week of the Ireland game six players banned for one match. Players enjoyed the wining celebration with their group coaching team took action for their condition and suspend them. Wallabies coach Ewan McKenzie told the player group decided ... Read More »

Freelancer.com Rapidly Increase Its Share In Australian Market


Headlines: After Social networking site Twitter share soar Freelancer.com has also announced the increase in its share at Australian Market In-details: Freelancer.com was offering $0.50 shares at Australian market and suddenly they raised it up-to $2.50. Company has more than 9 million users and they are providing the freelancer project for the small business throughout the world. Due to increase ... Read More »

Indian Mar Operation Technical Problem Has Solved Now


Headlines: Indian Space Research Organization is successful to achieve their Mar operation goals by bringing the Satellite into the track again. In –Details: On Tuesday India has Fired six crucial engines around the earth. Engine were successfully flied into the earth orbits 300 days, the main goal is to access the required velocity to overcome the gravitational pull of the ... Read More »

U.S Investigated For Afghan Troops For Killing Civilians

Afghan Troops

Headlines: U.S military investigate to the Afghan troops for their wild act of killing civilians. In-Details: Army of U.S started investigation to know about the criminal acts of the Afghan troops who are killing Afghanistan civilians. This investigation report is presented the U.S and NATO officers for taking strict action for this cruel crime. In this investigation all the criminal ... Read More »

ECB Made New Record To Cut Down Benchmark Rate To 0.5%


Headline: European Commercial Bank has announced to bring down its benchmark from 0.5% to 0.25%. In-details: In the Business world annalist become astonished by getting to know the down rates of the benchmark of ECB. As in Eurozone inflation decreased to 0.7% in October due to fall in energy cost with highly effect on the Europe economy. Due to the ... Read More »

Shane Watson Has To Get Recover Soon For First Test

Shane Watson

Headline: Shane Watson Australian cricket player has to get recover as soon as possible to fight in Ashes 2013-14 First test matches. In-details: On playing the Australia Final one day international match with the team of India Shane Watson got injured during the match. He suffered from the muscle strain while bowling in the match. Australia physiotherapist Alex Kountouris Said ... Read More »

France: Rabies Issues Are Arises After The Death Of Kitten


Headlines: In France the danger of rabies disease again arises with the death of kittens In-details: It is reported that rabies was eliminated from the France years ago but authorities of this country has faced the case of it again after the death of the kitten. In Argenteuil three day ago a die kitten was found, this dead body was ... Read More »

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