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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Luton Airport : Snake Found In On Flight Plane

Flight Plane

Headline: Responsible authorities has been questioned for the presence of snake into the flight traveling by the Luton Airport In-details: At the airport of Israel a man was traveling by taking small pet snake however it kept into the container and no one get any harm by this. On the flight passenger bring his small pet snake into the plane ... Read More »

U.S Military & Government System Get Hacked By British Hacker

British Hacker

Headline: A British hacker age of 28 tried to hack the U.S government and Military Computer System, Recently responsible person is get accused In-details: Lauri Love hacker tried to hack the sensitive department of U.S government and military computer system caught in Suffolk. US authorizes told that hacker created “Black Door” to enter into the sensitive date present at their ... Read More »

Samsung Company Planned To Give You Curved Display

Curved Display

Headline: Samsung company is trying to provide the curve display for your Smartphone In-details: Samsung Company is known as the best electronics product manufacturer company and giving tough time to their competitors by launching advance technology items. In Smartphone technology winning race every day companies are making this competition tough day by day by introducing something new and wonderful. Samsung ... Read More »

Daily Dose Aspirin Extremely Grievous For Your Health Concerns

Daily Dose Aspirin

Headline: Too much use of Aspirin can cause severe affect on your health and can be the reason of Cancer and Heart Attack In- Details: According the health research laboratories daily aspirin therapy is reason behind the increasing number of cases for heart attack and cancer diseases. NHS Researcher found the risk more than its benefits; they told that It ... Read More »

Aditya Mehta :Wrote His New History In Snooker World

Aditya Mehta

Headlines: Aditya Mehta Reached The Semi Final Of Indian Snooker First time in a history of India. In-details: Mehta Indian Snooker Player age of 27 beat Pankaj Advani another Indian player and reached the Semi final of the match. He won the match with 4-3 and defeat Panjaj Advani and now he is going to fight with Stephen Maguire who ... Read More »

Apple Prescribe HMV To Change Digital Strategy For App


Headline: Apply company ask to HMV to eliminate the downloading feature from the new iphone App In-detail: Apply company concerned with HMV App for downloading music feature and ask to remove this feature for the users. HMV owner told that Apple Company has given them a time to change the App strategy till Monday otherwise their App will be suspended. ... Read More »

Tim Cahill: The Big Achievement Of Fastest Goal Scoring


Headlines: In the history of Major League Soccer , Tim Cahill Scored fastest goal for New York Red Bulls In-details: New York Red Bulls is most famous eastern conference where the Tim Cahill made fastest scores within 8 seconds and won the match with 3-0. In 2003 Dwayne de Rosario recorded the fastest score in 11 second and now in ... Read More »

Google Shares Touched The Peak With $1,000


Headline First time Google shares increased by $1,000, company reported that their shares jumped for 13.8% with strong earning. In-Details: Company has noticed on Friday that their shares topped with $1,000 first time in their business history. During July to September their net profit was $2.97BN and currently it jumps to the 36% higher. Google is most successful company in ... Read More »

Alcatel-Lucent Announced To Thrash 10k Jobs


Headline: “Alcatel-Lucent is owner of telecom equipment maker has decided to cut 10k jobs till 2015” In details: In second quarter reporting company recorded the loss so, the chairman has decided to cuts the jobs to save cost. Company has made analyze that due to the cut of 64% employees company will put aside £750M by taking this action. They ... Read More »

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