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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Colorado cantaloupe Owners Charged To Sell Food Poisoning Outbreak


Headline: Colorado cantaloupe Farm owners charged $1.5m Fine for providing Food Poisoning Outbreak, which cause sudden death of 33 persons and feeble condition of 147 people. In Details: Eric and Ryan a farm owners blamed to sell melon with adequately wash of the melons which can terrible accidents in users. By eating those melons 33 people killed due to the ... Read More »

Leave To Join : Stephen Elop Ex Nokia CEO Paid $25 Million


Headline: “Ex CEO Nokia joined Microsoft by paying off $25 Million to the company, become disappointed for who are not in its favor” In Details: Nokia has recently signed the contract with Microsoft for selling cell phones to this company, worth of £5.4 Billion and the specified the condition that Stephen Elop move to them. This was the root of ... Read More »

Bill Gate Described CTRL +ALT+ DEL Keystrokes To Avoid Mistake

bil gates

Headline: “Bill Gate discovered ctrl+alt+del and cover the mistake of IBM , favored one keystroke alternatively to this” In Details: In his interview he held responsible IBM for using these three unnecessary keystroke combinations for log on to pc, in first he was favorable for ctrl+alt+esc combination for reboot the operating system later then he found if risky for accidently ... Read More »

Canadian Helicopter Dossed Down , Found In Arctic


 Headline: “In Arctic Water A Canadian Helicopter Found, Crashed Due To Bad Climate, Three Killed by this Disaster” In Details: On 9th of September Canadian Helicopter was flying over the Artic water with icebreaker vessel Amundsen got crashed.The basis of accident has not clear till now. Helicoper was found at water 450m depth by remote controlled Submarine. Recovery Officer stated ... Read More »

China Orders For A320 Aircraft To Airbus


Headline: “Two Chinese Airline has approached Airbus to fulfill their aircraft needs, they order for A320 & Forty Three Aircrafts recently” In Details: In Business world this new is most popular that Qingdao Airlines , Chinese company has ordered for 23 aircraft and A320 itself five order and A320neo. On the other side “Zhejiang Loong Airlines” has secured its 20 ... Read More »

Two More Men Remanded For Crash Death Of PC Andrew Duncan


For Accidental death of Policeman by hitting and collision of car , two Men are arrested for this act. On Monday due to the dangerous driving of the two at the Sutton roads are arrested for traffic rule violation and hitting the police officer by car. In Details: Due to rush driving of these two caused sudden death of traffic ... Read More »

Apple Introduced Fingerprint Technology, Raised Security Risk


“Apply Launch iphone 5S with fingerprint recognition Features, which raise the Privacy question in Technology Market.” Apple has introduced fingerprint features to tighten the security risks, but Senator Al Franken demand some answers form Apple boss “Tim Cook” for some security concern questions. He typed a Letter to the company containing some featured question about the “Touch Id” and asked ... Read More »

Four Men Arrested In £1.3m Barclays Bank Robbery


Four Men were arrested due to connection with Barclay bank computer theft and charged £1.3 Million Penalty. Recently the Barclay Bank computer robbery news comes in front of media by the reliable resource and the informed the police for inquires. Soon the police and investigation agents started their investigation to find the thieves. Police become successful for catching the robbers ... Read More »

Mike Nattrass: Resist For English Democrats Joining Fake News


Mike Nattrass member of independence party has recently resigned, was reported to join English Democrats. It was confirmed that Mike Nattrass will announce for joining English democrats party this week, this news was confirmed by the chairman of the “Robin Tilbrook” of this party, and was seem happy to get his new party member again. Recently it was reported that ... Read More »

Air France: Reducing workforce To Cut The Cost

Passengers check-in at Air France counter at the Nice International airport

Currently it is recorded that Air France has announced to shorten their workforce due to economical pressure. This is famous international Air Company providing their air traveling services to world wide customers. Now as whole world Is facing economical crisis due to inflation, this affects major companies a lot. Now companies are planning to overcome this situation. Air France was ... Read More »

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