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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: August 2013

Man. Utd. Need Some New Additions – David Moyes, Manager

David Moyes, Manager

According to the Manager of Manchester United, David Moyes, Man. Utd. need making the signings but they aren’t under any pressure to have the players brought in. Moyes yet has to make one significant signing and he appears to have failed with the offers for  Marouane Fellaini, Leighton Baines, Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara. The Scot, the one whose team ... Read More »

Tripoli, The Lebanese City Rocked By Terrifying Explosions

Terrifying Explosions

About 27 people got killed and over 350 injured due to the 2 blasts in Tripoli, Lebanon’s city in the north, according to officials. As the Friday prayers completed, one blast hit mosque of al-Taqwa, usually which is attended by the Sheikh Salem Rafii, the prominent cleric of Sunni sect. He is reported to be unharmed.One other blast 5 minutes ... Read More »

Soldier Of Wikileaks Manning Got Sentenced For 35 Years

Soldier Of Wikileaks

U.S. soldier, Bradley Manning, convicted of biggest classified data’s breach in nation’s history, got sentenced to about thirty-five years in military prison this Wednesday. Manning faced till ninety years for revealing above 0.7M classified files, diplomatic cables and battlefield videos to the website WikiLeaks, for a case which has commanded the international attention from the year 2010. Judge, hearing the ... Read More »

Opposition In Syria Claims 1,300 Got Killed In Chemical Attack


DAMASCUS—Main group of opposition in Syria blamed regime of President Bashar al-Assad of killing above 650 people due to one attack of chemical weapon near Damascus this Wednesday. According to National Coalition, above 650 are confirmed to be dead as a result of this deadly attack of chemical weapon in Syria. The activists earlier had reported some five-hundred killed due ... Read More »

Fundraising PAC By Obama Uses The Columbine For Raising Money

Raising Money

This Tuesday, Organizing for Action, grassroots organization which is successor of the campaign of re-election by Obama in 2012, sent out one email invoking 1999 shooting on Columbine High School, as written by father of one boy who had lost life in this tragedy. The email, written by Tom Mauser from Colo., begins this way, “My son, Daniel, was a ... Read More »

The Court Of Egypt Orders For Hosni Mubarak To Be Freed

Hosni Mubarak

One Egyptian court ordered release of Hosni Mubarak, the former President on bail regarding one corruption case.Some reports do suggest that he might be just freed from the prison this Thursday, but prosecution might still appeal. Hosni Mubarak still faces the charges on complicity the killing of the protesters during uprising which did force him from the power during 2011.He ... Read More »

Cameron Happened To Be Behind The UK Attempt For Halting Snowden Reports

Halting Snowden Reports

David Cameron, the British PM ordered the high-grade civil servant for trying to stop the revelations that were flowing from Guardian newspaper regarding US as well as British programs of surveillance. News that Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary contacted Cameron into one storm over the response of British for media coverage meant for the secrets which were leaked by Edward ... Read More »

Breakthrough Surgery Skin Cancer Preserves Skin, Saves Lives

Saves Lives

Dr. Justin Piasecki, pioneering expert of skin-care as well as plastic surgeon got named “Most Beautiful Doctor in America” by TV show “The Doctors”. In these days, Dr Justin is spreading word regarding staying safe from the skin cancer as well as surgical way of skin-preserving for treating it. The skin cancer starts from the accumulative exposure of sun for ... Read More »

Egypt Violence Condemned By Obama, Joint Exercises Of Military Cancelled

Egypt Violence

President Obama condemned bloody crackdown within Egypt this Thursday, announcing joint exercises of military the following month now were canceled and the normal cooperation of US could not be carried on with country while the civilians were getting killed. Obama said that US strongly condemned steps taken by the interim government of Egypt and security forces. He said that they ... Read More »

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