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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: July 2013

Obamacare Fallout: There’re More Doctors Who Aren’t Opting For Medicare


There’re thrice the number of doctors compared to 3 years ago, who are refusing the Medicare patients, many citing increasing rules as well as lowered rates of payment of Medicare. According to Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, that administers this program, even the doctors who see some of Medicare patients still, are limiting number of the Medicare patients that ... Read More »

Mers: The New Virus Isn’t Following The Sars’ Path’


New virus Mers, which as yet has killed 1/2 of those it infected, isn’t likely to reach same scale like Sars, according to Saudi Arabia ministers. Most of 90 cases of Mers reported till now were iin this country. This virus happens to be from same viruses’ group as Sars and common cold, which killed about 774 people. Anyway, detailed ... Read More »

Can Anyone Pray Himself Thin?­­­


Faith, fitness as well as Annandale, church, Va is combined by Reynolds. His concept along with the book with topic “Bod4God” tend to be based on this idea that the religious faith and physical health and aren’t only compatible, in fact they are part of the plan of God. He said that if one believed that God had made him ... Read More »

Halliburton Will Plead Guilty For Destroying The Gulf Evidence


The company of US, Halliburton, would plead guilty for destroying evidence that related to 2010 oil spill of Gulf Of Mexico. This plea agreement, subject to the approval of court, means that Halliburton would have to give maximum fine possible. Spill occurred over Macondo well of BP in Gulf of Mexico. It was worst in the history of US. BP ... Read More »

Full Moon Does Disturb A Peaceful Sleep At Night


Full Moon could disturb a peaceful night’s sleep, according to scientists. Researchers got evidence of “lunar influence” during study of thirty-three volunteers who were supposed to sleep in strictly controlled conditions of laboratory. When Moon was there, volunteers took more time in nodding off and they had comparatively poorer sleep quality, despite being enclosed in one darkened room, say the ... Read More »

The Egypt Crisis: Big Rival Rallies While Morsi Accused

The Egypt Crisis

Many huge rallies of opponents and of the Egypt’s ousted president are still continuing in the night. In Alexandria, 5 people got killed. In what appeared as a strength trial, supporters of the ousted president filled streets around one mosque located in Cairo for condemning the army for his removal. Army supporters also converged at Tahrir Square, only some miles ... Read More »

Operation For ‘Diabetes-Cure’ Explained


Reason that some patients get cured of the type-two diabetes after gastric bypass might have been elaborated by the researchers of US. Their study of animal showed that bypassing stomach made intestines work more harder, use increased amount of energy and also keep levels of blood sugar under control. The researchers hope that their findings which are published in journal ... Read More »

Bradley Manning Not Traitor But Only Whistleblower – Lawyer


Soldier of US who leaked the reams of US government’s secret documents to the Wikileaks was whistleblower, not traitor, the defence lawyer said. Pte First Class Bradley Manning planned to inform public of US, his lawyer told in his trial’s closing arguments on charges regarding aiding the foes. This Thursday, one prosecutor said that he was a traitor and he ... Read More »

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