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Thursday , 19 October 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Useful Tips For Home Remodeling From Serial Home

happy home

People regard their homes as a sanctuary. When after work you come at your home and it is not in a good condition, your mood turns off. Obviously the things where you are living and is an expression of yourself should be in perfect condition. Just like a traveler needs the accurate and good airline for traveling. Same is the ... Read More »

Don’t Miss Single Women’s Best Salary Strategy Plan

office women

Gender discrimination and suppression is one of the greatest sins of the cruel society. No matter how hard you try to run from it you keep getting a hit with it on your face. Recent analysis has shown that the salary of the women is much less than that of men. We observe it every day that men are preferred ... Read More »

Rising Of $ 1.4 M By Test Object In Their Android Ecosystem


It is the basic work of any organization that they spend millions of dollars on improving their products. They try to bring an innovation in their software and applications. This is the way they can improve themselves greatly. This is the best way they compete with other companies as well. The changing which is introduced by the Test Object is ... Read More »

Honda Recalled 80,000 Models Of Odysseys And Pilots In A Month


Due to the large accidents occurring and the problems in Honda vehicles, company has decided to recall their models of Odyssey and Pilot. They are doing this for the second time in one month. They consider these two models as the more unsecure and not safer ones. They cannot provide protection to people in any kind of accident. The air ... Read More »

The HTC M7 Hardware Leak Makes Us Anxious


Last year was not without its twists and turns for the HTC. The beginning indicated a marvelous year for the company since it blew the charts of with its launch of HTC One X. It was a cell which was praised for its features but the rest of the year was pretty slow for the company and it was looking ... Read More »

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